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Younger People Haave More Energy I thought in the name of our birthday coming up I would post my very favorite ongoing event with Kyle. It would be absolutely impossible for me to remember the exact day that this all started, but Im guessing it was somewhere around the time where he got to that age where I began to pass him up in the whole height area. Gosh, I really wish I could remember what we were talking about but he was saying something about how he would have to start boppin me on the head everytime I saw him in order to keep my height 'under control' which really meant not too far above his. I am also a whole 18 hours older which definitely bugged him too. He used to enlighten me every chance he got with all the advantages of being younger. The one that stuck was "oh ya? well younger people have more energy!!". So every time we would be in some sort of debate that he was stuck on, he would come out with that and beat me right back down. My goodness he would tell me that over and over again. Drove me CRAZY. I could never come back with anything remotely clever aafter that cause Lord knows I never beat Kyle in a match of wit. Despite all his sweet cut downs, he always had a way of making me feel better. He would hug me and pick me up and swing me around. It always made me so happy. I sure dont get to feel small very often so that was quite a treat! Ill write more later.